Invest like a professional

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing free investment courses, with a live instructor, all via mobile. In just 3 30min calls we teach you what you need to know to be a great investor. 

Why invest?

To help you reach your goals

If you don't invest inflation will eat the value of your money and paycheck up. If you do invest you can grow to be in a stronger financial position. It will also help you reach some of your long term goals: financial freedom, starting a business, buying a home, sending your kids to college, retiring, and so much more.


How does it work?


Sign up and pick your preferred course time

2 days before each session we will text you images with the info that we are going to cover that week.


Join weekly live course call with instructor

Courses are hosted on a streaming platform. You can just listen in or watch the instructor via video.


Learn where to best invest and get started

After the 3rd sessions we offer a 4th session where we look into different investing platforms.

Who is this course for?

For new to beginner level investors:


  • If you have never invested, but want to learn how.

  • If you want to know how investing can change you and your families future.

  • If you have tried to learn about investing, but found it confusing.

  • If you don't think you have enough money to begin investing.

  • If you don't trust investing or the stock market.

  • If you don't know what stocks, bonds, or index funds are.


  • If you invest, but not are not focused on index funds.

  • If you invest in index funds but want to understand them better.

  • If you used to invest and want to get back into it.

  • If your employer offers you a 401(k) and you want to better understand where it is invested.

Our Founder & Lead Instructor

Hello! My name is Alberto Namnum

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I was born in Mexico City and moved to NYC when I was 6. After college I started a restaurant. After growing it to 11 locations I stepped aside as CEO. I have been an investor since I was 13. 

I am now excited to be in the non-profit space. Investing well is very important, but so much of the info out there is either bad or over complicated. We are here to only provide the necessary info and the proven advice!


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Courses are 2 30 minute calls. All via mobile.

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What do we teach?

Why is it so important to invest well

First we will learn how investing well can help you get closer to many of your goals: owning a home, sending your kids  college, financial freedom, traveling, and much more. 

Our Progress.

Our goal is to create 1 million new great investors


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Satisfaction Rate

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Alberto Namnum

Founder, Exectuive Director, and Lead Instructor

“Taking this course with Vanza was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Understanding investing has changed my life."

Sebastian Camano, NY

Our Team.

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